What should a pregnant woman do after a car accident?

After an accident, the most important thing is to look out for the victims’ well-being, whether it’s getting away from the vehicle to safety or immediately calling 911 for medical assistance. In all cases, but especially for pregnant women, it is vital to receive medical aid regardless of whether the accident was minor or severe. Receiving this assistance as soon as possible can be crucial to prevent her pregnancy and general health from being unnecessarily affected.

After contacting 911 and confirming that there are no severe injuries requiring urgent medical attention, the pregnant woman needs to take a moment to calm down and assess any minor injuries or symptoms. It’s a good idea to go straight to the emergency room if she has any concerns about the pregnancy or feels that she or the baby may be injured.

One of the most important reasons a doctor should examine the pregnant woman is a possible placenta abruption. These situations can happen with car accidents or any harsh impact during pregnancy. Placental abruption can cause serious problems, such as bleeding, miscarriage, or premature labor. However, even with an abruption, there may not be noticeable symptoms. Therefore, it is essential to have an exam to verify that the accident has not affected the pregnancy.

In the emergency room, the first step will be to check the overall health of the mother and baby. Then, depending on the age of the fetus and any symptoms that may have shown up, the mother and baby may be monitored for several hours, days, or more. Some common symptoms to look out for are bleeding, pain or contractions. After they are cleared to go home, they will need to be aware of any symptoms that may show up later.

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