Personal Injury

Have you been injured due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence? If so, you may be entitled to compensation. At The Justice Brothers, we work with clients who have been injured in all sorts of personal injury accidents.

Premises Liability

Property owners in California are required by law to maintain their properties safely for those lawfully visiting or entering. If a property owner does not maintain their property and you are injured, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and related losses. 

Compensation for a premises liability lawsuit can include the following:

  • Medical bills, physical therapy, and continuing medical care
  • Lost wages and earning capacity
  • Scarring and/or disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering


Whether public or private property, property owners must resolve hazards or defects that cause dangerous conditions. For a successful Premises Liability lawsuit, the following must be able to be proven:

  1. The property was owned, leased, occupied, or controlled by the defendant
  2. Negligence in the use or maintenance of the property by the defendant
  3. An injury occurred
  4. Negligence by the defendant was a substantial factor in causing the injury

Trip & Fall / Slip & Fall Accidents

Trip & Fall and Slip & Fall accidents are among the most common accidents reported in personal injury claims. Although similar, Trip & Fall and Slip & Falls occur due to different circumstances.

Trip & Fall accidents commonly occur when a victim trips over an object on the floor and cannot recover or break their fall. Examples of Trip & Falls include:

  • Tripping over stairs, sidewalks, or other uneven surfaces
  • Tripping over items left on the floor


Slip & Fall accidents commonly occur when a victim falls because they have stepped on a slippery surface. Examples of slippery surfaces include:

  • Recently waxed or washed hard floors and surfaces
  • Hard floors and surfaces covered in water or other liquids
  • Hard floors or surfaces with accumulated condensation
  • Carpets with low traction or grip

Wrongful Deaths

Wrongful death is when someone is killed because of another person or entity's negligence or misconduct. Although not unheard of to be subject to criminal liability and prosecution related to the death, a wrongful death lawsuit is a civil action. It is separate from criminal charges and prosecution.

There are many types of wrongful death claims; at The Justice Brothers, we handle the following:

  • Abuse or neglect
  • Accidental poisoning
  • Construction accidents
  • Criminal activity
  • Dangerous property accidents
  • Drowning
  • Fatal workplace accidents
  • Medical negligence or malpractice
  • Mesothelioma/asbestos exposure
  • Motor vehicle Accidents; including Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Ride-Share, and more
  • Product liability and defective products

Dog Bite Injuries

In California, dog bite laws impose strict liability on pet owners. Strict liability means that the owner of an offending dog can face liability in a civil lawsuit for the victim's injuries, even if the animal has never been considered dangerous before.

California has laws that make canine owners liable for injuries to others as long as:

  1. The person did not provoke the canine, and
  2. The person was bitten in public or while lawfully on private property 

Not every dog bite incident can trigger a civil lawsuit, especially if the following occurred before the attack:

  • Trespassing on private property 
  • Provoking the anima;
  • The animal was protecting its owner or another person and is in line with California self-defense laws
  • The animal is a military or police canine and was deployed properly

The Personal Injury Claim Process

If your accident and injuries result from someone else’s negligence, you may pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. To recover compensation, you must be able to prove:

  • That the defendant (the person you are suing) was responsible
  • That you suffered an injury or losses as a result of their negligence


Proving these elements is best done with the help of a skilled attorney who can gather evidence, review medical records, interview witnesses, and work with expert witnesses. 

If you prove your claims, you may be eligible to obtain compensation for the following:

  • Loss of earnings and future earnings
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Medical bills and future medical care
  • Household expenses
  • Costs associated with canceled trips or altered plans
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish


Contact The Justice Brothers if you have been injured due to unsafe or poorly maintained property, an unsafe workplace, or a public or private property hazard.