Types of Sexual Abuse in California

Sexual abuse is one of the most devastating types of situations that anyone can experience. First, we want to clarify the definition of “Sexual Abuse” as the infliction of sexual contact upon a person by force. Also, a sex crime involves unwanted touching of a body part, namely a person’s genitals, groin, buttocks, anus, or […]

Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

At our firm, we help clients in all of California get justice and compensation after being injured in a moving vehicle accident. As a result, we have successfully recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. Our team, known as The Justice Brothers, helps clients involved in the following type of accidents: […]

First Steps After an Injury

Accidents or personal injuries can happen to us at any time. In many cases, the consequences of these events can be very serious, and how you react to the injury can make a difference in your recovery process and the compensation you receive. First of all, after an accident, you must take care of your […]